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Assisting architects, contractors, and owners throughout the design and build process.

Headquartered in Phoenix Arizona, DCS Engineering is a comprehensive mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering design firm that assists creative clients wherever they may be. Our firm specializes in small commercial kitchen/restaurant design, custom home design, and small commercial office building design. Whether you’re an architect, building owner/manager, or a contractor, we will offer our assistance in all matters regarding MEP systems. DCS engineers understand that every clients project is unique and we pride ourselves on being able to generate cost effective solutions that will provide ease of ownership throughout the life of the building.

At DCS Engineering, we understand the ever expanding role of technology in todays world and therefore strive to offer along with our core services, BIM (building information modeling), energy simulation, and life cycle cost analysis.

Whether the design is a new or renovated space, we utilize in-depth design knowledge and engineering expertise to provide each and every client with a service that is accountable, responsive, and collaborative.

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Areas of Practice

REsidential homes

As the residential housing market has continued to develop, we as a firm understand this need. We work closely with the architect and owner to provide continuos design assistance as well as ensure our clients are satisfied thoroughly with their final design. 



Restaurants require an extensive amount of coordination and understanding of owner needs and code requirements. DCS specializes in such environments and enjoys the demanding efforts that goes into creating a custom and effective kitchen design.

small commercial real estate

A core area of practice for DCS Engineering is that of commercial real estate. From Tenant improvements to new buildings, we strive to provide the highest standard of service for all commercial building owners and architects.


Healthcare facilities

Healthcare facilities are an exceptionally unique building type and are environments where the occupants of the building are susceptible to many risks. DCS understands the extensive amount of knowledge and regulatory requirements in a health care setting, while also maintaining an efficient design and cost effective solution.


The role of the designer is that of a good, thoughtful host anticipating the needs of his guests
— Charles Eames


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